Our Motto and Mission

‘In Labore Gaudium’ – The Joy of Work
Whatever your work is, if you put your heart into it as if it were for the Lord, it gives Glory to God. It is not only prayer that gives glory to God, but work of any kind. We should do our work not solely for money, but also for love of the society we live in.
If we do our work wholeheartedly with a motive of love for God & Society, we will find great fulfillment in life. Let us enjoy and find joy in our work.

“A School is a building with four walls with the future within”. Our mission is to impart quality education in areas of curricular and extra curricular activities to the utmost satisfaction of students and parents. We educate children as responsible and unifying members of the world community in the spirit and charisma of Holy Name. We expect the teacher and the student to be informed and exposed to the latest technologies.