About Us

Holy Name refers to the ‘Name of Jesus’. Therefore God had highly exalted Him and bestowed on Him the name which is above every name, that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow in heaven and on earth and under the earth. (Phil.2:10). Jesus said “If you ask the Father anything in My Name, He will give it to you”.

We would like Jesus Christ the ‘Good Teacher’ always to be our model and guide.
Holy Name High School was founded in the year 1939 at Green Street. The first Principal was the late Rev. Fr. Francis Mascarenhas.

The story of the Holy Name High School conforms to the parable of the mustard seed which is the smallest of seeds and yet when sown, blooms into a tree, so that all the birds of the air can make their shelter therein. Holy Name High School, as it is known, had a very humble beginning in a very old building. A building so old that it was only the determination to serve on the part of the Management and Staff that kept it standing.

The first Principal, when the school shifted to these premises was the late Rev. Fr. Valerian Godinho. In 1963 the late Rev. Fr. F.X. Fernandes took over from Rev. Fr. Richard Mathias and for the next thirteen years worked tirelessly. The strong spacious building we have today speaks volumes of his service, his dedication and his firm belief in the school motto ‘In Labore Gaudium’ – ‘The Joy of Work’.
The corridors of time and of this impressive monument have sen different Principals since then. Rev. Fr. Vernon D’Souza, Rev. Fr. Joaquim C. D’Costa, Rev. Fr. Luis Pereira, Rev. Fr. Ivo D’Souza, Rev. Fr. Paul D’Souza, Rev. Fr. Clifton Lobo, Rev. Fr. Merwyn D’Souza and Rev. Fr. Michael Pinto each with his own charisma has contributed to the colour, texture and fabric of this renowned school of the Holy Name.
Traditions and heritage are essential ingredients in making an institution noble. We, at the Holy Name High School, have teachers who have grown with this institution. Many of them have been students. Loyalty and the love for any institution is an asset in today’s materialistic world.

The Holy Name High School is a large, spacious and well ventilated edifice with a big play ground being the rival and envy of many a city school. For this we are grateful to his late Einence Valerian Cardinal Gracias, His Lordship Bishop Gomes and a host of well-wishers.

The Holy Name High School has students from every walk of life. Deeply embedded in the syllabus are values of tolerance, communal harmony, ecology, justice, peace and love.
Our vision today as was yesterday and the days before, is poised towards students’ contribution not only to holding aloft the ‘name’ of the Holy Name High School, but also to being better for a world of tomorrow.